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            A letter to International Students of Dalian University of Technology (DUT)

            February 11th, 2020



            Dear DUT international students,

            At present, we are going through a very special winter holiday faced with a public health emergency caused by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP). Your health and safety are the most important concern to DUT. It is our common wish to win the battle against epidemic as soon as possible and go back to a normal and happy campus life. Hereby, DUT驚雷原唱回應楊坤 has put forward the following notice:


            1. Please pay special attention to the official information and reports on the prevention and control of NCP. Currently, information and reports on epidemic prevention and control are released by the Chinese government and its administrative authorities in a timely, open and transparent manner. Please keep yourself updated via TV and the Internet, so as to be fully informed about the latest situation and the guidance on prevention and control of the NCP Epidemic.


            2. Ple吉利iconase take all necessary precautions and good care of yourself. The international students who are currently in Dalian should not leave the city except to return to your home country. Students who planned to travel within China should cancel your travel plans accordingly and stay in Dalian for this period of time. Please avoid any unnecessary activities that require you to go out or have close contact with others, and wear a mask to protect yourself from infection. Pay close attention to your health condition, do proper physical exercise to enhance the immune system and strengthen your body to fight off viral infections. Keep good personal and environmental hygiene, open windows regularly to maintain good ventilation and a comfortable living environment.


            3. Please cooperate with us to support the epidemic prevention and control efforts. Your health and safety are the most important concern to us. All-out efforts are being made by Chinese government to curb the spread of the NCP. DUT has released the notice to postpone the beginning of the spring semester, and taken measures of campus access control and campus building closed-off management, etc. Onl冰清玉潔四胞胎y when we jointly fulfill our responsibility to comply with laws, regulations, and the university policies and management, can we win 郎朗吉娜合約曝光the battle against the NCP.


            4. Please believe that DUT will always stand by your side. In this special period, please organize your study 2018午夜福利最新版and life well, and DUT will try the be在線毛片免費視頻播放st to provide you with nec午夜視頻福利essary help. Please contact your advisors timely if you need assistance, and they will help and give you the advice accordingly.


            Thank you for your constant understanding and support. As one proverb goes: “Rainbow comes after a storm.” Nothing can stop our steps forward. Let’s coop密室大逃脫erate and work hand in hand to reach a bloomy spring.



            Dalian University of Technology


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